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BATJ Journal

In compiling its annual journal, BATJ Journal (ISSN 1477-4704), the BATJ aims to provide its members with an opportunity to publish their research, exchange ideas, and to encourage debate relating to the teaching and learning of Japanese language as an academic discipline.

BATJ Journal welcomes contributions from all its members.

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BATJ Journal:

BATJ Journal No. 8
BATJ Journal No. 9
BATJ Journal No. 10
BATJ Journal No. 11
BATJ Journal No. 12
BATJ Journal No. 13
BATJ Journal No. 14
BATJ Journal No. 15

Previous Research:

The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language - Journal vol.1-150 titles and authors
The Japan Foundation Japanese-language Education around the Globe vol.1-19


BATJ Journal editorial staff:

Miyuki Nagai (Coordinator)

University of Sheffield

Harumi Seiko

Cardiff University

Tomoko Miyairi

University of Hull

Katsuko Nagata University of Warwick
Saeko Ogiso Cardiff University


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Submissions and Enquiries to

Miyuki Nagai
School of East Asian Studies
University of Sheffield
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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